Black Hogg is now closed. The message below was Black Hogg's small farewell to all of our friends.


It was a great run. And honestly, Black Hogg is just "taking a break." We will come back one day. But for now, we will be closing shop after our last service on Sunday, August 9, 2015. The reason being "quality of life" factors. See I really want to spend more time with the two little ones, and the pretty lady you see below (before all my hair turns gray). Running a full-service restaurant made it tough to do that. Maybe when my boy can start washing dishes, and my li'l girl can hostess, we'll get the place going again...

In the meantime, we would just like to thank you, our friends, for helping to make Black Hogg what it is today. A small restaurant, serving big flavors and making people happy. We hope you will continue to support our next venture in our current location. And that we can continue to make people happy with what we have in store. Please stay tuned...

My kids, Ericsson and Emmanuelle, and my wife Miriam, all want to say you, our guests, are deeply appreciated. Thank you for loving what we did here on the eastside. We hope you can come by this last week and enjoy some pork belly tacos and bone marrow street corn one last time.


Chef Eric Park

Oh, and don't worry, Sopressata is not going anywhere.